ZOMBIE DODGEBALL EVENT - October 30th, 2021

👻 Get Ready for Something So Fun.... It's Just Plain SCARY!

On October 30th, Chronic Golf will be hosting a FREE Halloween ZOMBIE DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT

Experience the thrill of some spooky, Zombie Dodgeball Competition with your crew in our eSports virtual simulators!

You and your crew will have so much fun when you jump into some Zombie Dodgeball action 🧟‍♀️


It's all fun for everyone who comes out on this spooky day, especially if your'e in to COSTUME CONTESTS!

And don't forget: we have delicious food & full bar service serving up some of the island's best cocktails, just how YOU like 'em! Learn more about us at www.MyChronicGolf.com

#ChronicGolf #MyChronicGolf

Zombie Dodgeball eSports Event at Chronic Golf on Hilton Head

Free Halloween Event on Hilton Head Island

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